Declarations of Detainees


Pursuant to the Center’s Settlement Agreement in Flores v. Meese, Co-Counsel and representatives may visit any facility housing unaccompanied minors to view the facility, interview staff and take declarations from children.

These declarations are an important tool to monitor the treatment of minors, provide detained children a voice and inform the public of the plight of unaccompanied minors.

If you are an attorney or law student and would be willing to visit facilities housing children in your area, please fill out and submit an interest form.

Declarations from Around the Nation

The following declarations were taken from detention facilities around the nation through site visits permitted under Flores v. Meese. These decalrations provide a first hand look at the daily struggles of unaccompanied minors. All names and identifying information have been removed.

Declaration from a teenage boy in California, September 2014“It was very hard to sleep because there were so many people and not enough room to lie down and because the lights were on all night.”

Declaration of a Mother in New Mexico Facility, September 2014
“I thought the process was faster.  Now I’m hearing that women are here for three months.  It makes me worried”

Declaration from a teenage boy in California, August 2014
“In ten days I was there, I was let outside twice for 10 minutes at a time.  We spent most of the time in the room.”

Declaration from a teenage boy in California, August 2014
“In that first icebox, I was in a room with adults and kids together, so I felt scared.”

Declaration from a teenage boy in California, August 2014
“There were no blankets, so we could either sit on cement benches or lie on the ground.”



Gila County Youth Detention Center

Location: 1425 E. South St., Globe, AZ 85501

Type: Secure

Contact: Josephy Eylicio, Detention Unit

Phone#: (928) 425-3231


Southwest Key Casa Grande

Location: Phoenix, AZ 85061

Type: Shelter

Contact: Ivonne Velasquez, Director

Phone#: (602) 242-4773


Cochise County Children’s Center

Location: City of Phoenix

Type: Shelter

Florence Service Processing Center(SPC)

Location: City of Florence

Type: SPC


Berks Shelter Facility

Location: City of Philadelphia

Type: Shelter


Berks County Youth Center

Location: Philadelphia

Type: Secure


Martin Juvenile Detention Center

Location: Medical Lake

Type: Secure


San Diego Juvenile Hall

Location: City of San Diego

Type: Secure

San Diego California Border Patrol

Location: City of San Diego

Type: Secure


Southwest Key

Location: City of El Cajon

Type: Group

Contact: Ismael Avilez, Program Director

Phone#: (619) 561-8678


Hosanna Ranch

Location: City of San Francisco

Type: Shelter


Marin County Juvenile Hall

Type: Secure


Travelers Aid

Location: City of Chicago

Type: Shelter


Chicago Connections/ Heartland Alliance/TIA

Location: City of Chicago

Type: Shelter

Contact: Ricardo Jonas, Director

Phone#: (773) 764-0526


Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Hall

Location: D.C.

Type: Secure


Liberty County Juvenile Detention Center

Location: City of Houston

Type: Secure


Catholic Charities

Location: Houston

Type: Secure

Contact: Leticia Harmon

Phone#: (713) 874-6529


Southwest Key-UMSCP Casa El Paso

Location: P.O. Box 1708

El Paso, TX 79949

Type: Shelter

Contact: Victor Marin, Director

Phone#: (915) 577-0550


Southwest Key Shelter

Location: 504 East Washington

Brownsville, TX 78520

Type: Shelter

Contact: Celestino Abrego, Exec. Program Dir.

Phone#: (956) 546-0373


International Educational Services

Location: Los Fresnos

Type: Shelter

Contact: Ruben Gallegos

Phone#: (956) 233-5705


La Esperanza

Location: Harlingen

Type: Shelter




Location: 11400 SW137th Ave., Miami, FL 33186

Type: Group

Contact: Lourdes Nieves, Program Admin.

Phone#: (305) 380-0141

Comfort Suites Hotel

Location: City of Miami

Type: Hotel

Krome Service Processing Center

Location: City of Krome

Type: SPC


Northern Oregon Correction Facility JDF

Type: Secure


Georgia Baptist Children’s Home

Location: City of Meansville

Type: Shelter

Contact: Michael Powell, Program Director

Phone#: (770) 567-8987